August 14, 2006

Forklift cages

Forklift cages are sometimes use to lift workers to do work or repairs, but they can cause injuries, including one that occurred in 2000 when a man sustained a fractured skull when the cage he was working in tipped over.
The following guidelines should be used for lifting personnel in an OSHA approved safety cage:

* A 8,000 lb capacity forklift or greater required.
* Cage must be attached appropriately to the forklift
* The operator must be in the control position.
* Cordoning the area should be considered.
* Other personnel must be kept clear of cage work area.
* Personnel in the cage must wear a body harness and lanyard attached to the cage.
* The mast must be in the vertical position and never tilted.
* Movement of the forklift, while personnel are in the cage, must not be greater than creep speed.
* Personnel should be at least one foot away from the cage per foot the cage is raised.


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